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3 Reasons Why Philadelphia is Great for Video Production

Philadelphia is an excellent location for video production. As the home to the first zoo, first medical school, and the oldest continuously-running theatre in the country, this city is an exceptional place. Furthermore, one out of every six doctors in the country receives their medical training in Philadelphia, and you don’t have to look far […]

Determining the Best Length for Your Video to Improve Effectiveness

When it comes to video production, clients always ask what’s an effective video length. Our answer is almost always, it depends.   Determining an effective video length is impacted by the elements of your video strategy, such as:   The story you want to tell. It’s the key element in your decision.   Where videos […]

How to Make an Awareness Video

An awareness video increases recognition and appreciation of your organization with the preferred audience you want to engage. It’s marketing content that helps create a positive association with you to build relationships and establish trust with your customers, employees, and stakeholders. Awareness videos tell your brand story, including who your company is, what your mission […]

22 Ideas for Your 2022 Video Strategy – Landing Page

Inside you’ll learn how to: Create awareness-building, easy-to-digest video messages Tap into the visual-learning power of video as a great way to educate Use concrete, real-world results in fun-to-watch videos that inspire action Enhance customer experience with videos that keep them coming back for more   Who we are: New Pace Productions is a creative […]


CLIENT: Visit Philly CRAFT BEER TRAIL OF GREATER PHILADELPHIA VIDEO SERIES PRODUCTION   Watch The Video CLIENT: Visit Philly CRAFT BEER TRAIL OF GREATER PHILADELPHIA VIDEO SERIES PRODUCTION   Watch The Video ABOUT VISIT PHILADELPHIA   As the regional attractions marketing agency for the Greater Philadelphia area, VISIT PHILADELPHIA® encourages visitors from all over the [...]