Inside you’ll learn how to:

  • Get the best sound and lighting
  • Choose the best background for your shot
  • Use the right aspect ratio for your video
  • Avoid that “shaky cam” effect

Who we are:

New Pace Productions is a creative video production agency that has the multi-disciplinary capabilities and experience to be a comprehensive brand partner for this digital age. Since 2007, we’ve helped our clients accomplish goals, illuminate target audiences and inspire people to action.

Creativity, professionalism, and a true sense of partnership are deeply ingrained in our culture. This ensures we listen, understand and deliver cutting-edge, cost-effective video solutions that have an impact and engage our clients’ audiences. Our process is proven and our track record is undeniable. The proof is in the pudding!

You need experienced and dependable creative professionals. We like to think of ourselves as dreamers, but with our feet planted firmly on the ground. New Pace has exceptional discipline. Understanding budgets and time, thinking big, and thinking integration, we keep everything organized, authentic, and fun.