What You Need To Know About Casting Your Marketing Videos

When it comes to the internet, content is king. Likewise, when it comes to internet content, video is the king. When people have a choice between different forms of media, they will most often choose the video format. Marketing videos give your company a way to spread their message in an engaging and easily-accessible manner. […]

Video Ideas to Create Awareness for Your Nonprofit—and Your Cause

  Producing an entire video that explains your nonprofit’s cause and asks for donations can be intimidating. How complex, time consuming and expensive could a project like this be? Truth is, a two- or three-minute piece of nonprofit video content that you can use at presentations, post to your website’s homepage and add to your […]

How Agencies Partner With Video Production Companies to Deliver Outstanding Advertising Campaigns

  Ad agencies reach out to top video production agencies when they need a go-to partner to produce high-quality video content for their clients or for their own brand. Agencies are always looking for ad agency video production that engages, educates, inspires, motivates and drives results. They need to create content that reflects positively on […]

Philadelphia Video Production Company Supporting Our Community

From our very humble beginnings at Penn State University to our ability to meet the needs of today’s rapidly evolving digital video environment in Philadelphia and beyond – New Pace loves supporting the local community. We love working locally because the video community here is very supportive of each other, sharing ideas, techniques, crews and […]

Video Animation Process Explained in 5 Proven Steps

Let’s start with the bad news…Here we are in a world where live action video is not an option for us. We cannot currently come onsite anywhere to produce the high quality content that we’re used to doing for our clients. We’re being forced to pivot into a post-production world of video editing, motion graphics […]

Post Production Only Video Projects During COVID19

We’ve been using the term “post production only” videos. Many times what this means is that we’re creating content by utilizing old footage, photos, brand assets, illustration files, text on screen, and editing videos that people are recording on their iPhones and laptops. For us as a video production agency, this is all done all […]

Remote Video Editing Ideas for Healthcare

THANK YOU TO ALL HEALTHCARE WORKERS! We hope that you’re healthy and doing your best to weather this storm during difficult and uncertain times. We want to start by thanking all those people working in healthcare that are doing their part to combat the coronavirus. You’re the real heroes! Safe and Remote Workforce As a […]

How to Pivot Your Communication with Video Content

 Businesses are in the midst of adapting to a changing world quicker than they’ve ever had to in the past. COVID-19 is forcing our country into isolation. Telehealth, a term for video conferencing with your doctor, has been a phrase that has slowly integrated itself into the healthcare world, but most of the public […]

Explainer Videos: What Are They and Why Does Your Company Need Them?

In today’s increasingly visually oriented society, it’s imperative that companies understand and utilize the power of videos in their marketing strategies. Of the various styles of video a company can create, explainer videos are a go-to option for marketing strategists due to high visibility and conversion rates. Explainer videos are short, light-hearted and animated, with […]

How to Skyrocket Your Traffic Using Videos?

Video Marketing Tips to Boost Your Traffic  If you want to attract wider audiences and push your business forward, video marketing is the way to go. Video content has proven to be a powerful tool, time, and time again. It can increase your reach, help you spread brand awareness, boost your customer engagement rates, and […]