Reach and Close Quality Candidates With Recruiting Videos

The phenomenon of workers leaving their jobs in droves in the wake of COVID-19, referred to as “The Great Resignation,” is affecting businesses across all industries. Maybe yours is one of them. Recruiting videos are a great way to tackle this issue.   Now recruiting top talent is more challenging and competitive than ever, so […]

Top Philadelphia Locations to Enhance Your Video Footage with B-Roll

It’s no secret that video marketing is effective. The popularity of using videos for content has risen exponentially in recent years. An engaging video captivates your audience in a way that other tools cannot.   Marketing strategies like social media and retargeting help you use videos to put your brand on the screens of your […]

How You Can Benefit by Working with Video Production Companies in Philadelphia

Your next video project should be an accurate representation of who you are as an organization, but it should also help advance your goals as a fully-integrated part of your marketing and media strategy. Videos have become an increasingly important marketing tool in 2022 and beyond, and the numbers back it up. Watching product videos increases […]

New Pace Productions Among Philadelphia’s Most Reviewed Video Production Companies

At New Pace Productions, we are a creative video production agency with the multi-disciplinary capabilities and experience to be a comprehensive brand partner for this digital age. Creativity, professionalism, and a true sense of partnership are deeply ingrained in our culture. With this in mind, we’re nothing but proud that The Manifest recognized our quality […]

5 Things to Look for in a Philadelphia Video Production Company

A new video can be a smart way to connect with an untapped audience, explain a cutting-edge concept, or market your brand. Ninety-seven percent of marketers share that videos are an effective way to help consumers understand a product. Additionally, they can impact your search engine optimization (SEO) score and it’s estimated that 81% of […]

3 Reasons Why Philadelphia is Great for Video Production

Philadelphia is an excellent location for video production. As the home to the first zoo, first medical school, and the oldest continuously-running theatre in the country, this city is an exceptional place. Furthermore, one out of every six doctors in the country receives their medical training in Philadelphia, and you don’t have to look far […]

Five Reasons Explainer Videos Are So Effective

Videos are a crucial tool for marketing your business. Whether we realize it or not, videos are a huge part of our lives and can have an impact on how we think and feel and in the decisions we make. In fact, according to, people will spend as much as 100 minutes a day […]

An Overview of the Video Production Process

Video content is a powerful tool that can distinguish your company from the competition. What’s more, videos are also effective. Eight out of ten marketers feel that their video efforts have a direct, positive impact on their marketing efforts. 78 percent of marketers report that using videos as part of their marketing strategy has improved […]

Clutch Recognizes New Pace Productions as a Top Video Production in Pennsylvania for 2021

Every business owner must have effective marketing and advertising tools to grow their business. Today, video production is a huge trend in the business world since customers love to watch videos and can easily watch videos through all their devices. With New Pace Productions, we can manage your entire video production strategy!   Founded in […]

Determining the Best Length for Your Video to Improve Effectiveness

When it comes to video production, clients always ask what’s an effective video length. Our answer is almost always, it depends.   Determining an effective video length is impacted by the elements of your video strategy, such as:   The story you want to tell. It’s the key element in your decision.   Where videos […]

Add Video to Increase Conversions on Your Amazon Product

Congrats on starting your own business on Amazon!   Selling on an e-commerce platform like Amazon offers you a fantastic opportunity to get your products seen by a large, interested audience that’s ready to buy. In our current marketplace, you’ll want to keep in mind the ever-increasing competition for online shoppers’ attention and find ways […]

How to Make an Awareness Video

An awareness video increases recognition and appreciation of your organization with the preferred audience you want to engage. It’s marketing content that helps create a positive association with you to build relationships and establish trust with your customers, employees, and stakeholders. Awareness videos tell your brand story, including who your company is, what your mission […]

What Is Engagement Marketing?

With so much original content being created daily by brands, it can be a challenge to stand out. Why should someone click on your website instead of a competitor’s that covers the same topic? What are you doing to pique your audience’s interest? That’s where engagement marketing comes in.   Engagement marketing involves strategically creating […]

22 Ideas for Your 2022 Video Strategy

We learned a lot about video in 2021, especially marketers. A recent study shows 91% of marketers learned the events of 2021 have made video more important for their business: More than 99% of current video marketers say they’ll continue using video in the future. 69% of those who don’t currently use video expect to […]

10 Ways to Repurpose One Piece of Video Content

Now more than ever, companies need visibility. Video content is so popular and effective that 92% of marketers believe it must be an important part of a modern marketing strategy. Yet, even though video brilliantly brings concepts to life, captures attention, engages viewers, and has the power to persuade an audience, 23% of marketers say […]

6 Tips for Writing a Great Video Script

You’re ready to tackle that video project you’ve been planning and you’ve decided to record a self-shot video for your main message. Where do you begin? Writing a video script is the first step, no matter what kind of story you want to tell. The script is the engine that drives your entire production and […]

How Organizations Are Using Video to Connect With Remote Audiences

We’re all going to remember 2020 as the year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not since the 1918 flu pandemic has the world experienced a public health event so sweeping that it changes daily life.  And life in the time of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has certainly changed—at work and at home. The good news is […]

This Philadelphia Video Production Company Loves Partnering with Local Businesses

From our very humble beginnings at Penn State University to our ability to meet the needs of today’s rapidly evolving digital video environment in Philadelphia and beyond – New Pace loves supporting the local community. We love working locally because the video community here is very supportive of each other, sharing ideas, techniques, crews and […]

Increase Enrollment With a Higher-Education Video Marketing Strategy

In the last decade, digital video has made its influence known across all levels of educational institutions. The use of a higher-education video helps administrators reach a broader audience, powering an increase in enrollment of prospective students and keeping current students and alumni involved and engaged in their learning community. Prospective undergraduate students are 84% […]

New Pace Productions is Proud to be Named a Top Video Production Partner in PA by Clutch!

Here at New Pace Productions we know it can be tricky to balance high impact video production while also keeping up with your other pressing demands. That’s where we can help out! As a creative video production partner with multi-disciplinary capabilities, we’ve got the skills and experience to deliver masterful video content to fill your needs. […]

How to Use Animated Explainer Videos for Your Tech Company

If you really want to know how a tech product or service works, you’ve probably watched an animated explainer video about it. Tech explainer videos have been popular with companies for over 10 years as a way to break down complex ideas and technologies into bite-size pieces so the person who’s viewing it can get […]

How Manufacturing Companies Can Use Video in Their Marketing Strategy

In 2020, the most effective business marketing campaign is not complete without video content in the mix. Marketing researchers estimate 85 percent of all businesses are using video as a marketing tool, and most have a lot of positive things to say about the return on investment: 80% of video marketers say video has directly […]

How Healthcare Organizations Can Use Video In Their Marketing Strategy

If medical video production isn’t part of your healthcare organization’s marketing mix, it should be. The modern medical healthcare provider needs to understand the value of delivering the best digital experience to patients, and that’s where medical film and video can help. Using video in healthcare can help explain complex surgical procedures or disease progression […]

Why Your Company Needs a Social Media Video

It is no exaggeration to say that internet video is now the world’s most powerful medium. This is true for entertainment, business, and many other aspects of our society. Having replaced television as the go-to source of entertainment for most people, internet videos on social media are essential for any business that wants to keep […]

What You Need To Know About Casting Your Marketing Videos

When it comes to the internet, content is king. Likewise, when it comes to internet content, video is the king. When people have a choice between different forms of media, they will most often choose the video format. Marketing videos give your company a way to spread their message in an engaging and easily-accessible manner. […]

Video Ideas to Create Awareness for Your Nonprofit—and Your Cause

Producing an entire video that explains your nonprofit’s cause and asks for donations can be intimidating. How complex, time consuming and expensive could a project like this be? Truth is, a two- or three-minute piece of nonprofit video content that you can use at presentations, post to your website’s homepage and add to your email […]

How Agencies Partner with Video Production Companies to Deliver Outstanding Advertising Campaigns

Ad agencies reach out to top video production agencies when they need a go-to partner to produce high-quality video content for their clients or for their own brand. Agencies are always looking for ad agency video production that engages, educates, inspires, motivates and drives results. They need to create content that reflects positively on their […]

Philadelphia Video Production Company Supporting Our Community

From our very humble beginnings at Penn State University to our ability to meet the needs of today’s rapidly evolving digital video environment in Philadelphia and beyond – New Pace loves supporting the local community. We love working locally because the video community here is very supportive of each other, sharing ideas, techniques, crews and […]

Video Animation Process Explained in 5 Proven Steps

Let’s start with the bad news…Here we are in a world where live action video is not an option for us. We cannot currently come onsite anywhere to produce the high quality content that we’re used to doing for our clients. We’re being forced to pivot into a post-production world of video editing, motion graphics […]

Post Production Only Video Projects During COVID19

We’ve been using the term “post production only” videos. Many times what this means is that we’re creating content by utilizing old footage, photos, brand assets, illustration files, text on screen, and editing videos that people are recording on their iPhones and laptops. For us as a video production agency, this is all done all […]

Remote Video Editing Ideas for Healthcare

THANK YOU TO ALL HEALTHCARE WORKERS! We hope that you’re healthy and doing your best to weather this storm during difficult and uncertain times. We want to start by thanking all those people working in healthcare that are doing their part to combat the coronavirus. You’re the real heroes! Safe and Remote Workforce As a […]

How to Pivot Your Communication with Video Content

 Businesses are in the midst of adapting to a changing world quicker than they’ve ever had to in the past. COVID-19 is forcing our country into isolation. Telehealth, a term for video conferencing with your doctor, has been a phrase that has slowly integrated itself into the healthcare world, but most of the public […]

New Pace Productions Featured On The Clutch 1000 List

Philly’s Finest: New Pace Productions Featured On The Clutch 1000 List   Since our founding in 2007, it’s been our mission at New Pace Productions to bring creative and inspiring video production to the Philadelphia region and beyond. Working with clients like Temple University’s Fox Chase Cancer Center and Comcast Business has given us a […]

A Guide to Making Industry Videos

It’s no secret that consumers are vastly attracted to video. In opposition to normal text or images, video is far more engaging and exciting. Because videos have a higher engagement rate, they also allow viewers to retain the information presented to them far more than other modes of information transmission could offer. It’s important that […]

How to Execute Video In Emails

Most people would agree that they’re more enticed by visuals rather than a long, daunting body of text. Today, with the expansion of our different modes of communication, simple, plain text can be considered substandard and inefficient in comparison to other methods. This could have to do with the fact that studies show viewers retain […]

5 Tips For Creating Corporate Videos That Influence Your Customers

Using videos can drastically change the way that customers perceive your products or services. According to Forbes Magazine, 90% of customers believe that videos make buying decisions easier and 64% of customers say watching a video makes them more likely to buy the advertised product or service. With those numbers in mind, it is necessary […]

Leverage Your B2B Video Marketing Strategy On LinkedIn

So how can you leverage video to increase your LinkedIn success? We’ve put together a list of questions for you to consider when building your LinkedIn video strategy and what types of video examples you can use depending on your business goals. We can start with some great news—Cisco projects that by 2021, 82% of internet […]

How To Improve Internal Communications with Video

  Although our systems of communication are sufficient, face-to-face contact, more often than not, is much more effective and limits misinterpretations and ambiguity.    Within the workplace, collaboration is crucial. In order to optimize collaboration, messages, requests, ideas, and feelings must be made as clear as possible. Have you ever sent a message that was […]

Why Customer Testimonial Videos Impact Conversion Rates

  Looking to develop brand recognition and increase conversion rates on your product or service? A well-made customer testimonial can do just that. It is one way to promote what your company has to offer in an authentic, sincere way. The one thing it does for sure is separate your product or service from similar […]

New Pace Productions Acknowledged by Clutch as a Top Corporate Video Production Company!

Top Video Production Clutch Company 2019: New Pace Productions At New Pace Productions, we pride ourselves on being professional, creative, and most importantly, having a deeply ingrained partnership with our clients. All of these ensure that we are listening to our client’s concerns, and insures that our product impacts our client’s audiences in the best […]

The Benefits of Using Video on Your Landing Page

Aside from the ability to boost your conversion, videos on landing pages also have other benefits that you should consider. A viewer that has gone through and watched your video is going to remember what it is that they saw and what it is that you were offering far beyond the end of the video. […]

Video Marketing Strategies For Higher Education

YouTube is the second-largest search engine. If you’re not leveraging video marketing for higher education to attract and retain your prospective student base, then it’s high time to do so. Engaging potential students online for colleges and universities has been increasingly important. So what does this mean for college admissions? Well, to no surprise, students […]

Top 3 Reasons To Use Video Training For Employees

Effective training is vital, to ensure employees understand your company’s mission. 77% of employees surveyed by Deloitte believe ongoing training helps to achieve that all-important sense of purpose. But not all training methods are created equal — research suggests as much as 11% of employee training may be “unproductive learning”. Traditional training methods are often ineffective […]

9 Ways Brands Use Video to Increase Awareness & Engagement

What is brand awareness and how does it affect your business in today’s digital age? Turns out, it affects things a great deal. According to Harvard Business Review, 64% of people said that shared values were the main reason why they had a relationship with a brand in the first place. Regardless of the industry […]