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We’ve been using the term “post production only” videos. Many times what this means is that we’re creating content by utilizing old footage, photos, brand assets, illustration files, text on screen, and editing videos that people are recording on their iPhones and laptops. For us as a video production agency, this is all done all in post-production, because we’re not shooting it, the video already exists somewhere, or we’re digitally creating something from scratch.

What is post production? 

Some definitions will vary, and some may have evolved over the years in the age of digital media. Technically speaking, post production is the phase of video production after the filming is wrapped. Post production in this case refers to the editing of the visual and audio components of said filming. In many instances this is true. In others, it has evolved into other forms of editing and also animation or motion graphics. At New Pace when we say “post”, we mean anything related to video editing, animation, or motion graphics. While similar in nature, sometimes these terms can overlap. 

Regardless of these factors here are the general components of a post production-only video:

  1. Script – A fresh script to craft proper messaging for new communication.
  2. Voiceover – A professional narrator to deliver the message in an educational, engaging and informative delivery.
  3. Existing Footage/Stock Footage – We can utilize existing video footage or photos is a way to repurpose content, and utilizing stock will then fill in the gaps to help illustrate the story.
  4. Animation – Animating specific portions of the script with animation to best illustrate or explain the content. This can be 2D or 3D.
  5. Motion Graphics – Building titles, logos, transitions and icon animations will help polish and bring value to the video.
  6. Music – Custom or royalty free music will make for a soothing audio experience to compliment the rest of the video. 

What is Video Editing?

So what really is video editing? Video editing is the process of organizing video clips that can be manipulated to make a cohesive story that is visually engaging and easy to listen to.  More than just the arrangement of clips, video editing also includes items such as motion graphics, titles, transitions, sound engineering, and color correction to name a few.

What are Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics are exactly what they sound like.  Think graphic design, but moving. Generally for New Pace, we use motion graphics with text to communicate a message supporting what we’re seeing on screen or hearing in the narration.  Motion graphics can be a full paragraph on screen, or a lower third showing a name and title. Manipulating icons, shapes, brand assets, and other pieces can really bring engagement and production value to a video.  We can dig into animation more in the next section.

2D Animation & Explainer Videos

Explainer video is a commonly used term in the corporate and post production world.  If a person were to describe a process or benefits of a product, it can often be long winded.  Businesses often employ animated explainer videos to help visually tell the story in a succinct, memorable way.  2D animation can be done with pre-existing icons or assets, or made from scratch. If you’re creating from scratch, our team sources an illustrator to draw everything just as you’d like it for total control of the video.  Once a style is picked, we then storyboard for approval. Once that is approved we start to bring it to life through what we call an “animatic” which brings the storyboard to life through video, and eventually the animation follows to become a finished product. Check out this blog post on the animation process.

3D Animation

3D Animation is a product of illustration, computer technology and animation. This is not to say that having the necessary software is all you need.  The animators behind the 3D work not only create objects with height, width, and depth, but the process also involves phases of texturing, lighting, rigging, and rendering. 3D worlds are often created in video games and tv shows or movies, but in business, 3D animations are popular in healthcare, scientific, and industrial fields to show off products and processes. The 3D animation process is much more laborious and time consuming than 2D animation in many cases, and requires heavy duty rendering systems. 


Whether you are looking to have some old footage freshened up, or need a complex 2D or 3D animation, post production only work is something that should be considered.  New Pace has the team to execute safely, reliably, on time and on budget. Nothing can replace the face to face business we took for granted in the past, but in a remote digital forward workforce, post production work can be a great video communication solution.

See how we can help to develop great video content through post production. 

Give us 30 minutes and we’ll give you three video ideas you can execute yourself. Or feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions, comments or concerns around video editing or post production. 

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