The new world of video needed a new pace of production. With over 15 years under our belts, we can’t wait to show you how impactful, fun, and rewarding partnering with New Pace on your next video project can be.
Fun Fact: 8 out 10 projects are for repeat customers.

New Pace is a premier video partner for agencies and organizations from healthcare to manufacturing, non-profits to higher education. But the real answer depends on who you are, what you do, and how we can help. If it has video as a component, we can show you how to optimize it, from one-time, big budget, hero videos to a series of cost efficient iterations. And while we may be the “experts” in all things video, we never lose sight that you are the expert of your industry, your marketing vision, and your goals. That is the New Pace difference. That’s why our partnerships succeed.

New Pace Productions came from very humble beginnings in 2007. Our founders, JC Costa & Bill Connell started the company while roommates at Penn State University.

Back then, video was different. YouTube was in its infancy, Facebook didn’t have video capability, and Instagram, well that didn’t even exist. New Pace emerged during a unique time after the broadcast-first generation had made their mark, and just before the digital-first millennials came with their backpack full of gear. The social and digital revolution that unfolded in between was pure serendipity.

Over 15 years later, with steady innovation and a growth mindset, we’ve mastered the ability to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving digital video environment — and to be experts in you, your brand, your mission, to find the best way to tell your story.


These values are at the core of our culture. This is how we work with each other and this is how we work with our clients.


Every project requires a partnership with our client.


Do what you say, and say what you do. It’s that simple.


As creatives, we’re lucky to love what we do every single day.


We strive to create content that has impact on our audience.


On set or in the studio we’re always having fun.

One thing that has been consistent since 2007 is partnering with clients to accomplish their goals, reach their targets, and inspire their audiences to action. When our clients succeed, we succeed.