How Agencies Partner with Video Production Companies to Deliver Outstanding Advertising Campaigns

Ad agencies reach out to top video production agencies when they need a go-to partner to produce high-quality video content for their clients or for their own brand.

Agencies are always looking for ad agency video production that engages, educates, inspires, motivates and drives results. They need to create content that reflects positively on their clients’ businesses, provides them with quantifiable value for the investment and also exceeds their expectations. Sometimes they also need this kind of work to build their own company image.

To accomplish this -each and every time- ad agencies will often outsource video production to a video content production agency, especially if their in-house team is too busy with work or they need another professional perspective on a project. Recently, TGI (Today’s Graphics, Inc) was looking for a new take on a project for their own company and partnered with New Pace to produce a brand identity video for this marketing agency based in Philadelphia.

If an agency is looking for specific skills and experience to help with special effects, animation, cinematography and other video techniques, they will connect with a web video production agency or an animated video production agency to get the right fit for a particular agency video production project.

That’s what happened with one agency partner, Tag Strategies. New Pace helped pitch, produce and execute a dynamic corporate film for one of their clients, AQUA America – the second-largest publicly traded water utility in the U.S. that serves three million people. For the company’s core values rollout, AQUA  America wanted digital content that would engage their 1,600 employees across eight states and make them feel like they make a difference in their everyday work.

Our combined team spent months planning, producing, executing and delivering a core values video that couldn’t have been such a stellar success for the client without the strong creative relationship between our video production agency and Tag.


What To Look For In A Video Production Agency

With a medium as powerful as video, it’s essential to forging a trusting relationship with a dedicated video partner to keep pace with your competition – and for marketing agency video production that both partners can take pride in. Here’s what to look for.

Strong Partnerships Create the Best Videos

Your potential video production partner should be great at communication, working in tandem and compromise. Whether you need expertise, an outside eye, brand knowledge or vision, the relationship is built on trust and mutual respect. It also doesn’t hurt if your video partner is reliable, responsible, and all-around great people.

Talent in the Right Places

Your potential video production partner may be small, but make sure they have big in-house capabilities and a track record of executing comprehensive initiatives, managing a volume of projects, balancing creative logistics and video strategy and solving complex client challenges.

Premium Content Delivered Without The Premium Price Tag

Your video production partner will always be finding ways to provide the most bang for your buck. They will think big. They will understand budgets and deadlines. They’re always strategizing the best ways to optimize your content, from big product launches to short social videos.


Their Process Is Your Process

Every video production agency has a creative process they use to get the job done. Make sure their process and your process are simpatico. Something like this:

Start A Conversation – Step one is sharing your vision for the project by defining the purpose, the target audience, the overall tone, the call to action and the method of delivery.

Strategize & Plan – The next step is to define the scope of the project and who’s going to be responsible for each part of the project from conception and scripting through post-production. This is where you have the conversation about your video production budget – its advantages and its limitations.

Develop & Produce – Step three is setting the video production timeline including a shooting schedule and deadlines for graphics and animation by working backward from the delivery date. Then you go off and do it.

Refine & Launch – The last step is organizing all the raw material and editing -then re-editing until everyone is happy with the end result. Then it’s time to optimize your video content and launch it on all the desired platforms.

From launching a product to producing original series content, an ad agency can count on a top video production agency to have their backs when they need extraordinary video content.


Ready to Deliver Outstanding Advertising Campaigns?

Since 2007, we’ve helped our agency clients accomplish their marketing goals as a video production partner to create video content that illuminates their unique audiences and inspires them to action.

Find out how our simple four-step process for producing high-level video content can work for you – and don’t forget to take a look at our featured work.


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