14 Ways to Use Corporate Video To Grow Your Organization (Updated for 2023)

There’s not an enterprise on Earth that won’t benefit from using corporate video content. An online presence that features videos to engage your core selling demographics, internal employees and prospective investors will take your marketing strategy to the next level and enhance the effectiveness of other marketing tools such as lead magnets (ebooks, white papers, tip sheets, case studies, etc.), podcasts, webinars and more.


Video content is a proven, effective way to develop brand identity, explain complex products, services or mission messages, train employees, build trust in potential customers and clients – and enhance online visibility. What’s more, 54% of consumers say they prefer web videos as the type of content they want to see from a brand or business they support. One study suggests:


  • 76% of marketers think video produces more conversions than any other type of content.
  • Video on a landing page can increase conversion by at least 80%.
  • 40% of consumers believe video increases their likelihood of purchasing a product on their mobile device.


In 2023, the number of online buyers is expected to reach 2.14 billion people, including qualified job seekers who are researching potential employers. Studies show at least 81% of them are researching a company online before deciding to buy a product or service.

If your corporation plans on getting an edge over the competition in today’s global marketplace, you need the kind of online visibility that only corporate video production can provide.


Types of Corporate Videos

Experts say corporate videos have become a cost-effective way to connect with any audience, from stakeholders to employees to consumers. Take a look at our demo reel, and you’ll see what we’re talking about. More than 95% of B2B companies already are filming corporate videos for content marketing and optimizing their video production for different platforms. They’re hiring professional corporate video production services to create a variety of videos to tell their stories.


Here are just a few:


  • Remote Audience VideosAs corporations adapt to the times, they are finding effective ways to utilize more video to connect with remote audiences, engaging them with relatable experiences and relevant information made for our virtual world.
  • Employee Training and Safety Videos – Your HR department can shine here by offering professionally produced explainer videos on company policies, work training, recommended safety procedures or safety requirements related to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Animated Explainer Videos Animated explainer videos break down complex ideas and technologies into bite-size pieces so the person who’s viewing it can get a better idea of what you make, how to use it and why it benefits them.
  • Corporate Overview Videos – A great opportunity to tell your company’s story through an interview with the CEO, such as this video we produced for the Numbers Divas.
  • Promotional, Image and Brand Videos – Use these videos for social media applications, advertising campaigns, email blasts—the list goes on and on. Here’s a promotional video we produced for Mission First Tactical.
  • Investor Relations and Shareholder Videos – Planning a stockholders meeting? Whether in person or online, produce a company story video on where your company stands.
  • Market Update Videos – A great opportunity to present your company’s talent as experts in their fields. Here’s an example we produced for Dscoop and HP.
  • Product Videos – Introduce new products, explain how a product works or highlight the benefits of your services, like this video we produced for Marcore.
  • Customer Testimonial Videos – Research shows 81% of consumers trust the advice of friends and family over businesses, so get those customer recommendations on video.
  • Event/Conference/Exhibition Videos – Whether your event is live or virtual, it can benefit from corporate video production. Take a look at this video we produced for Penn Medicine for the Mind Your Brain Conference.
  • Recruitment Videos – Attract top talent in your field with a professionally produced video.





  • Social Responsibility Videos – Whether your company has a cause or you’re a nonprofit, produce a video that highlights social responsibility by inspiring your audience to support your cause.
  • Internal Communication Videos – Have your HR manager shoot an on-camera message to the staff or create a video that highlights your company’s culture and core values.





  • Educational Videos – Get the most usage and value from your investment in educational video content by optimizing it for multiple platforms. This way, the video content you’ve produced for your website is easily shared across other platforms to reach the largest audience. 


Ready to Produce a Corporate Video for Your Organization?

Since 2007, we’ve helped our corporate clients accomplish their marketing goals with corporate video production that illuminates their unique audiences and inspires them to action.


Find out how our simple four-step process for producing high-level corporate video content can work for you—and don’t forget to take a look at our featured work.



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