How to Pivot Your Communication with Video Content

Businesses are in the midst of adapting to a changing world quicker than they’ve ever had to in the past. COVID-19 is forcing our country into isolation. Telehealth, a term for video conferencing with your doctor, has been a phrase that has slowly integrated itself into the healthcare world, but most of the public had yet to hear the term until the COVID-19 outbreak stopped non-emergency patient/doctor visits.

Our partner Mercer Bucks Orthopedics has been building out their telehealth interface for some time, but needed to implement it much faster than they had imagined with the global pandemic reaching the United States.

MBO reached out to New Pace for a video that could explain the telehealth to their patients. This action was a swift pivot in communication to keep their patients’ recovery on track while keeping safety paramount for both MBO staff and patients.



Components of a post production only video:

  1. Script – Fresh script to craft proper messaging for new communication
  2. Voiceover – Professional narrator to deliver the message in an educational and informative delivery
  3. Existing Footage – Utilizing existing video footage from the library we’ve built for the client
  4. Stock Footage – Filling in the gaps where stock footage can help illustrate the story
  5. Motion Graphics – Titles and icon animation to help polish and bring value to the video
  6. Music – royalty free music to make for a soothing audio experience


In business, but especially in healthcare, it’s hard to replace a face to face conversation. In this particular instance video was used to inform patients and set expectations for the all important “what’s next”. In these uncertain times, video serves as a tool that can bridge businesses to stability.


Please Contact Us if you have any questions, comments or concerns around video editing or post production. 

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