Explainer Videos: What Are They and Why Does Your Company Need Them?

In today’s increasingly visually oriented society, it’s imperative that companies understand and utilize the power of videos in their marketing strategies. Of the various styles of video a company can create, explainer videos are a go-to option for marketing strategists due to high visibility and conversion rates. Explainer videos are short, light-hearted, and animated, with a clear and concise message. These are just a few of the reasons explainer videos are vital to a company’s online presence. Read on to find out more about how explainer videos can help you:


Build a Company/Consumer Relationship

Explainer videos work to tell a short story about what your brand stands for, what it aims to accomplish, and how it will benefit others. This is your chance to creatively share your company’s message with the goal of building a relationship between yourself and the viewers of your explainer video. When consumers fully understand a brand’s purpose, they become more trusting and more likely to become a customer. 


Sharing Ability

Unlike web pages with long bodies of text, videos can be shared within seconds. To increase exposure, be sure to post your videos on sites in addition to your own. Take advantage of the sharing features on social media and post your videos to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. You’ve grabbed the attention of one viewer and now they can easily send your video to their friends. 


Information Retention 

A web page filled with text is likely to scare off potential customers. Even those who don’t exit the page immediately won’t entirely benefit from reading all of the information, they simply won’t be able to retain all of it. Most often, consumers want a brief explanation to understand how a company will benefit them. Videos work to save consumers time and give them a clear understanding of your main points.


Increase Google Search Ranking

In comparison to outdated, text-abundant websites, sites with videos are 53 times more likely to be shown on Google’s first page of search results. This is a striking statistic for those who are looking to boost traffic and place themselves above other company’s sites. 


More Detailed Product Explanations

In addition to using explainer videos to showcase the goals of your brand, you can also use them to showcase the goals of a specific product. By doing this, you’re able to fully engage viewers and show them, visually and audibly, how your product works, demystify any common misunderstandings, and give tips on how to use the product most beneficially.


Higher Conversion Rates

Studies show that viewers are 64% more likely to make a purchase after watching an explainer video. Customers feel more comfortable making a purchase once they have a clear understanding of the product and its uses. You can also use explainer videos for each product to track which are most popular by ranking the products in order of most watched videos. 


Show Your Company’s Personality

Gone are the days of stuffy, boring websites. If you want to set yourself apart from the rest, show us, don’t tell us, who your brand is. Viewers will appreciate the authenticity and refreshing openness. Don’t be afraid to include yourself and the people you work with, so that viewers can see who they could potentially be buying from. The trusting relationships that this can form are invaluable. 


The Time to Start is Now!

You understand the potential success explainer videos will bring to your business. So, why wait? Now is a great time to begin brainstorming for your first video! When it’s time to execute those great ideas, it doesn’t hurt to seek a professional guidance to ensure that your videos are captivating and high-quality.


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