How Healthcare Organizations Can Use Video In Their Marketing Strategy

If medical video production isn’t part of your healthcare organization’s marketing mix, it should be. The modern medical healthcare provider needs to understand the value of delivering the best digital experience to patients, and that’s where medical film and video can help.

Using video in healthcare can help explain complex surgical procedures or disease progression and eradication, clarify communication and bring your enterprise’s mission to life, producing immediate results for your patients, your staff and other stakeholders.

You’ll also find more patients, continue to increase patient retention and probably outpace your competitors, too – by presenting a doctor’s bedside manner, quality of service, in-office expertise, community outreach and the patient experience all with video content.

Here are a few realities that can inspire your strategy for incorporating healthcare video into your organization’s marketing mix:

  • 90% of patients use online reviews to evaluate doctors. 
  • Content marketing can generate three times as many leads as outbound marketing, which means your healthcare organization needs to make an impression when potential patients search online to educate themselves about your practice.
  • “Near me” local searches have increased by 500%, which means potential patients are searching for healthcare providers close by on their smart phones.
  • 61% of patients who find you on a mobile phone will contact you, so if your website is not mobile-friendly and visually compelling, you’re missing out on potentially helping someone with their medical issue. 
  • 41% of users say social media affects their choice of a specific doctor or medical facility. Here’s where a video testimonial or personal message from one of your doctors can make an impression.
  • Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year.

Ideas for Healthcare Video

Experts say half of all online traffic is in video format, which makes sense since about 90% of what goes into our minds is visual, with up to half of our mental power devoted to processing visual messages.

That said, consider this list of healthcare video projects that includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Medical Explainer Video – use healthcare animation to explain a disease and its treatment, surgery, other medical procedures and more, like this video that explains colon cancer and colonoscopies for Fox Chase Cancer Center.
  • Patient Testimonial Video
  • Doctor Interview Video
  • Healthcare Corporate Video – tour your facility and explain your faculty expertise
  • Trade Show Video – like this one New Pace produced for Lectures and clinical information for Altheon Health.
  • Fundraising Video
  • How-To Video – teach how to use a blood pressure monitor, how to test blood sugar, how to do a physical therapy exercise and other demonstrations.
  • Lobby Overview Video
  • Health Tips Video Series
  • Medical Staff Training Video
  • New Employee Orientation Video
  • Hospital Advertisement Video – promotes your medical services and can be used on YouTube, social media, television or digital video formats
  • Community Outreach Video
  • Annual Report Video
  • Clinical Trials Video – to recruit and retain volunteers
  • Video News Release
  • Visitors Guide Video
  • Medical Conference Video – like this one New Pace produced for Penn Medicine.

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If you’re a healthcare provider, clinic or a healthcare technology startup, you know that the only constant in healthcare is change. Through our continuing partnerships in healthcare, a medical video production company like New Pace will keep up with new government regulations, emerging technologies and health trends important to your patients, doctors and other stakeholders – and help you provide the best digital experience for them.

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