What You Need To Know About Casting Your Marketing Videos

When it comes to the internet, content is king. Likewise, when it comes to internet content, video is the king. When people have a choice between different forms of media, they will most often choose the video format. Marketing videos give your company a way to spread their message in an engaging and easily-accessible manner.

However, many businesses run into trouble when they start casting actors for their marketing videos. You may have noticed that many marketing videos and commercials feature terrible acting performances that make you think of words like “cheesy” and “cringe.” This happens because not all companies know how to find good actors. With that in mind, we offer a few quick tips on the subject.

Tip #1: Get As Many Opinions As Possible

Chances are, you are not a casting expert. Indeed, it would be very difficult to be an expert without doing it much more often. You could hire a casting firm to help out, but that might not bring the results you want. In the end, no one can bring your vision to life except you. Still, a little help goes a long way.

Marketing videos are meant to have a wide appeal, so try to get as many opinions on the matter as possible. What seems perfect to you might seem terrible to someone else. Remember: Your opinion should be secondary to the views of your customers.

Tip #2: Get Someone Who Is Right For The Part

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all judge people by appearances. This might include the way a person is dressed, their height, their body type, or any number of other factors. We could debate all day about the merits of pre-judging, but you only need to know one thing: It is human nature to make snap judgments, and your customers are sure to do exactly that.

Everyone knows that commercials aren’t real, but you need to make them feel as if they are real. Poorly-chosen actors will be much more difficult for the audience to suspend their disbelief. For instance, let’s say you want someone to play an auto mechanic. You should probably look for someone who is a little bigger and rougher-looking than most. Sure, not all mechanics look like that, but you have to work with the perceptions of your audience…not against them!

Tip #3: Look For Expressive People

A lot has been written about the importance of connecting with an audience. The more an audience can identify with the characters, the more likely they are to buy your product. That’s why you want to avoid those who don’t show emotion when acting.

Anyone can stand in one place and read some lines. Even a parrot can do that, so you need something a little better. A good actor or actress should use facial expressions, body language, and vocal qualities to make the character seem more real. Of course, it is possible to go too far with this concept.

Tip #4: Look For People Who Take Direction Well

A lot of potential actors have the ability to put on a good performance. However, there is a question of consistency. When filming your marketing videos, it is likely that certain takes will have to be repeated many times. This is just a part of the recording process, whether its music, video, or anything else. Only the perfect track will do, so it can take quite a few tries to get it right.

For this reason, you need someone who can follow directions and give a consistent performance. Those who like to ad-lib and otherwise go outside of the script might not be the best choice. Even if they are good actors, this kind of thing is not acceptable in a marketing video.

Tip #5: Give Everyone A Fair Chance

Depending on the job at hand, you might have thousands of applicants, or just a few. Either way, you should always make sure that you take the time and effort to choose the highest-quality work. When you demand professionalism, you are more likely to see it from your actors.

Many people make the mistake of choosing an actor without seeing all the competing auditions. Not only is this highly unfair, but it could also deprive you of the chance to find an even better choice. Thus, you should make sure that everyone has auditioned before you make a firm choice, even in your mind.


Without professional expertise, it can be hard to sort the bad actors from the good. When in doubt, we would urge you to put yourself in the place of the audience. Ask yourself if this actor would convince you, and then ask yourself “why? or “why not?”

Even if it seems hard, we hope that you are able to find the best people for your marketing video, and we also hope that you will fill out the contact form below to receive more of our work.

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