Five Reasons Explainer Videos Are So Effective

Videos are a crucial tool for marketing your business. Whether we realize it or not, videos are a huge part of our lives and can have an impact on how we think and feel and in the decisions we make. In fact, according to, people will spend as much as 100 minutes a day watching online videos in 2021. 

What is an Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are smart marketing tools, and can be an entertaining and effective way to educate your audience. Explainer videos can inform your customers about the importance of your products while also demonstrating your company’s services to potential customers. Plus, you can create explainer videos to do things like onboard and train your employees or answer customers’ most frequently asked questions while also engaging them in a new way.

Here are five reasons why explainer videos are incredibly effective and critical for your business.

1. Appeal to Visual Learning Styles

Most people are visual learners. As a matter of fact, over 65 percent of people report being primarily visual learners, relying on imagery to commit ideas to memory or better understand a subject. Social media in particular has encouraged this learning style, with photos, videos, and shareable memes. Even infographics can be a useful marketing tool because they make sense for a large audience of visual learners. 

Explainer videos are effective for this same reason. These videos help visual learners understand and process information easier than text and audio alone because they pair a visual image with the information the sharer desires to convey.

2. Unpack Complex Topics

Explainer videos are a natural choice for complicated subject matters. Why is this? A well-made explainer video can break down and unpack complex topics for a wide audience. Since they also utilize text and audio, an explainer video is a logical choice to incorporate different kinds of stimuli that can help individuals learn and retain more information. 

According to a study conducted by the University of Lausanne, appealing to multiple senses is a proven way to boost memory recall and better perceive information. Videos unlock the use of both auditory and visual senses for viewers, helping them retain the content presented. 

3. Generate More Inbound Website Traffic

Videos of any kind can be a useful search engine optimization (SEO) and inbound marketing tool. This is especially true of explainer videos, which are designed to point viewers in the right direction—in this case, to your website. 

Many people will research products or services via search engines to better inform their purchasing decisions. As it stands, 81 percent of shoppers research their product online before making a purchase—which means explainer videos are a smart way to reach consumers near the top of the marketing funnel, during the attract and engage marketing phases. 

For example, you can post how-to videos that are related to your products and services to draw people to your website. The sharing of explainer videos is an incredibly wise marketing tool. According to, 86 percent of video marketers say that videos have generated traffic for their websites. 

The key here is to create videos that make sense from an SEO marketing perspective. For this reason, it’s a good idea to:

  • Use titles that will stand out to your audience.
  • Use keywords for search engine optimization. 


4. Make Videos Accessible and Available

One of the major perks of explainer videos is that they are easily accessible to all. It’s far simpler for people to click on an informative video than it is to find a publication that effectively explains complex topics. Explainer videos support widespread accessibility and comprehension, and are simple for the viewer to share with others.

Plus, many subjects aren’t easy to explain in text form—they need the support of visuals and a video production team to get the point across. How-to videos are a great way to demonstrate to consumers how to do something rather than trying to explain it in text, which can be misinterpreted or misunderstood.

5. Apply to Those Who Prefer Video

Another reason explainer videos are worth consideration for marketing purposes? Most people prefer videos over text marketing. When polled, 69 percent of consumers said they preferred watching short videos to learn about products or services instead of reading about them. Conversely, only 18 percent of people prefer learning about products and services through text-based articles. 

Also, a video can help generate more momentum than other forms of marketing. People are reportedly twice as likely to share video content than they are any other kind of marketing medium. 

The Key to Your Business’ Success

Explainer videos are an invaluable resource, helping you disperse information in an easy-to-understand, shareable format while also infusing your organization’s tone and purpose. However, you need to find an experienced video production company; one that can leverage its expertise to craft high-quality videos with superior production qualities.

Your Philadelphia Video Production Company 

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