A Guide to Making Industry Videos

It’s no secret that consumers are vastly attracted to video. In opposition to normal text or images, video is far more engaging and exciting. Because videos have a higher engagement rate, they also allow viewers to retain the information presented to them far more than other modes of information transmission could offer. It’s important that companies understand and utilize the positive benefits of video marketing when their goal is to educate potential customers on what it is that they have to offer. One type of video which can do just that is industry videos.


What is an Industry Video?

So, what exactly is an Industry Video? They introduce information about a certain type of industry rather than a specific company. Although it may seem counterproductive to produce a video that doesn’t necessarily discuss your products or services specifically, it is beneficial for both your company and potential customers.


Industry videos answer more general questions or concerns that the customer may have and introduces them to what you have to offer, but on a more broad scale. For instance, you may want to use an industry video to demystify an intricate concept that non-experts lack knowledge about, bring awareness to an issue that your industry faces, or discuss a common misconception that people have about your industry. 


When to Use an Industry Video

Industry Videos are helpful if you’re looking to build credibility and a relationship with viewers. industry videos will likely engage a broader range of viewers who are just beginning to do research on your field or those that are similar. The goal is to grab the attention of new customers and educate them on your industry so that they’re equipped with the knowledge that, in turn, will leave them feeling more secure in their buying decisions and trust your expertise. Even more effective, you can create a series of industry videos to further establish yourself as an expert, allow viewers to more fully digest the information you offer, and ensure that your company sticks with them more long-term.


Industry videos can also be very helpful when you’re trying to build SEO. Your industry videos will likely involve buzzwords that are commonly used within your field. Take advantage of this and include the transcript of the video on the web page to reach more customers organically.


Attributes of a Successful Industry Video

-Educational: Viewers should finish your video feeling as though they gained knowledge from watching it. Before creating a video, make sure you’re certain about what you’d like viewers to learn and that you’ve presented the information necessary.


-Comprehensive: Videos that are too long, repetitive, or wordy lose viewers’ attention. Instead, be sure to address your main points while keeping the delivery of them clear and concise. 


-Accessible: Understand where your audience is most likely to find your video: YouTube, a blog, a specific part of your own website? Accommodate to the viewers and make your video easy to find.


-Relevant: Make sure that your videos are up-to-date and the information pertains to what is happening now and why your audience should be interested in learning about it.


-Creative and Fun: Create a video that is enjoyable and fun for viewers to watch rather than a cold, boring informational video. There are many ways this can be done through different effects, styles, and graphics. Get creative!


Where to Post Industry Videos

When it comes to where you share your video, you have a vast amount of options. A few of the best options are: social media, blogs, advertising, or websites and newsletters within your industry. Social media is a great place to post your video because it allows for a large reach and allows viewers to share it with others. Using a blog post to implement your video is another effective tactic. You can write a blog post that reinforces the ideas discussed in your video. Using paid advertising allows you to expose viewers to your video more than once, leaving a longer lasting memory of your brand and a likelihood that viewers will buy from you. Lastly, collaborating with other brands in your industry can introduce your company to a new set of potential customers. 


The Time to Start is Now!

You’re now equipped with key tips and tricks to making your own industry videos. So, why wait? Now is a great time to decide what your first video will feature. When it’s time to execute those great ideas, it doesn’t hurt to seek a professional guidance to ensure that your videos are captivating and high-quality.


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